About Us

Charter Construction, Inc. was formed in 1998 by partners Leon Chambers and Kimberly Torp. A reorganization of two strong Montana based building firms created the foundation on which Charter Construction was built. With thirty years of combined experience in the building industry, Charter Construction strives to raise standards for building construction in Montana.

Building Technology & Our Environment

Extensive use of green building techniques are implemented in our building construction. From the use of low impact materials all the way to complete construction systems, we are continually researching and utilizing new environment-friendly technologies. All homes constructed exceed Model Energy Code requirements.

Plans and Estimating

Our existing library includes over 700 plans developed and built in Montana, ranging from affordable homes and multifamily units to high end custom homes. We also offer full in-house plan design on our CADD system. All estimating is done quickly and accurately using specially developed construction estimating software.

Warranty Service

Our warranty service doesn't end at move-in. We provide a complete written one year warranty. We are proud of our customer service program that includes an initial move-in inspection followed by a two month and eleven month inspection. Customer satisfaction after the sale is truly our goal.

Code Requirements

Our buildings exceed local and state code requirements in many categories. We obtain the finest education available and we employ the newest building construction technologies, providing years of buyer satisfaction. In areas not requiring codes, the most recent versions of the U.B.C. or C.A.B.O codes are used.


  • Registered Licensed Contractor, State of Montana
  • Registered Licensed Contractor, City of Missoula
  • Registered Licensed Contractor, City of Hamilton
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Subcontractors employed by Charter Construction, Inc. are required to follow the same licensing registration and insurance guidelines


  • National Association of Homebuilders
  • Montana Building Industry Association
  • Missoula Building Industry Association